Yl90L -2 Pole 3HP Single Phase 220V 50Hz Yl Series Single-Phase Dual-Capacitor Asynchronous Electrical Induction AC Motor

Yl90L -2 Pole 3HP Single Phase 220V 50Hz Yl Series Single-Phase Dual-Capacitor Asynchronous Electrical Induction AC Motor

Why select us ?

CZPT motor body from 56 – 355, output assortment from .17HP to 430HP

Motor mounting variety B3 (IM 1001), B35 (IM 2001), B5 (IM 3001), B14 (IM 3601), B34 (IM 2101)

Optional voltage 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V, 220/380V, 230V/400V, 380V/660V, 50HZ or 60HZ

Protection sort IP44, IP54, IP55 on request 

Numerous mounting arrangement for optional           
Aluminum body, end shields and base    

Powerful forged iron frame
Substantial power cable
Shaft crucial and protector supplied        
Superior paint finish         
forty five# steel shaft and stainless steel shaft is optional
CZPT motor continuous duty S1,S4
CZPT motor have vacuum impregnation for insulation
CZPT motor is course F insulation and course H insulation is optional
CZPT motor has been make in accordance to CZPT, CE, UL, CCC, GS request

All of our items are make according to GOST, RoHS and IEC standard.

Substantial overall performance and IE1, IE2, IE3 efficiency  



CZPTity conserving and tranquil operation
CZPT motor can withstand water, dust and vermin
CZPT motor really easy set up
CZPT motor trustworthy Corrosion resistant and lengthy existence to perform
Reliability performance and extremely competitive value.


1. Silicon metal DR510, 800, 600, 360 regular use stamping of lamination stator and rotor die-casting

2. 100% copper winding and inserting stator (handbook and semi-immediately)

three. Stator Vacuum impregnation and drying

four. CNC machining motor shaft, body, conclude shields, and so forth

five. Skilled workman inspecting spare parts every single processing

6. CZPT motor assembly merchandise line

seven. CZPT motor will 100% test prior to painting.

8. CZPT motor spray-paint on motor portray solution line

9. CZPT motor will a hundred% check once more prior to packing.

An electric motor from material to finish motor, must pass 15 time verify, and one hundred% tests, output electricity, voltage, electrical recent, non-load, fifty% load, 75% load, a hundred% load and check out the nameplate, packing. Lastly delivery to our customer.

Kind Output  Present(A)  Pace(r/min)  Eff(%) Electrical power Locked rotor Locked rotor Max.torque
factor(CosΦ) torque recent(A) ated torque 
HP KW   Rated torque     
YL711-2   1/2 .37 two.73 2750 sixty seven .92 1.eight 16 1.8
YL712-2  3/four .fifty five three.88 2750 70 .92 one.8 21 one.8
YL801-2 one one.75 4.seventy nine 2800 75 .ninety five 1.eight 29 one.8
YL802-2 one.five one.one 6.93 2720 seventy six .95 one.eight 40 1.eight
YL90S-2 2 1.5 nine.44 2820 seventy six .ninety five one.8 55 1.eight
YL90L-two three 2.2 thirteen.seven 2830 seventy seven .ninety five 1.eight eighty one.8
YL100L-two 4 3 eighteen.4 2850 seventy eight .ninety five one.eight one hundred ten 1.eight
YL112M-2 five 3.seven 22.two 2850 80 .ninety five one.7 160 one.8
YL711-four  1/three .25 two 1360 62 .92 one.eight twelve one.8
YL712-four  1/two .37 2.8 1380 65 .ninety two 1.8 sixteen one.eight
YL801-4  3/4 .fifty five 3.88 1400 70 .ninety two 1.eight 21 one.six
YL802-4 one .75 five.1 1400 seventy three .ninety two 1.eight 29 one.six
YL90S-4 one.5 1.one 7 1400 75 .95 one.eight forty 1.six
YL90L-4 2 one.5 9.44 1410 76 .95 1.8 fifty five 1.six
YL100L1-4 3 2.2 thirteen.seven 1420 77 .95 1.eight 80 one.eight
YL100L2-4 4 three 18.4 1430 seventy five .ninety five one.eight 110 1.8
YL112M1-4 four 3 eighteen.4 1430 78 .ninety five one.eight 110 one.eight
YL112M2-four five three.seven 22.two 1450 80 .95 1.8 138 one.eight
YL132S1-4 4 3 18.4 1450 seventy eight .95 1.eight 110 one.8
YL132S2-4 five 3.seven 22.two 1450 80 .95 one.eight 138 one.8
YL132M-4 7.5 5.five 32.5 1450 81 .ninety five one.seven 227 one.8


YL sequence motor is a kind of capacitive solitary-phase asynchronous motor derived from YE2 series three-section asynchronous motor. Its corresponding relationship of frame size, set up dimensions and power amount is the exact same as YE2 sequence three-stage asynchronous motor. This collection of motors are highly successful, power-saving, higher starting up torque, low sound, lower vibration, secure and reliable operation. It is broadly utilized in refrigerators, pumps, enthusiasts, little machine instruments, agricultural and sideline items processing and family appliances.

YL series motor is a type of capacitive solitary-phase asynchronous motor derived from YE2 series three-period asynchronous motor. Its corresponding romantic relationship of frame dimension, installation measurement and power level is the very same as YE2 sequence three-period asynchronous motor. This series of motors are highly effective, energy-saving, high commencing torque, lower sounds, minimal vibration, protected and reliable operation. It is broadly utilised in refrigerators, pumps, fans, tiny equipment equipment, agricultural and sideline goods processing and house appliances.

Product process 


Q1: What about the shipping and delivery methods?

one): For urgent get and mild bodyweight, you can choose the following express: UPS, FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS.

 For large fat, you can decide on to supply the merchandise by air or by sea to conserve expense.

Q2: What about the payment methods?

A2: We acknowledge T/T, L/C for big volume, and for little amount, you can spend us by PayPal, Western Union etc.

Q3: How significantly does it value to ship to my place?

A3: It is dependent on seasons. Fee is distinct in distinct seasons. You can seek advice from us at all instances.

Q4: What’s your delivery time?

A4: Normally we produce inside twenty five-30days soon after the payment arrived.

Q5: Can I print our brand/code/sequence variety on your motor?

A5: Sure, of course.

Q6: Can I purchase some sample for our tests?

A6: Yes, but it requirements some expenditures.

Q7: Can you personalize my merchandise in special prerequisite?

A7: Of course, we can supply OEM.

Yl90L -2 Pole 3HP Single Phase 220V 50Hz Yl Series Single-Phase Dual-Capacitor Asynchronous Electrical Induction AC Motor