Servo Motor High Efficiency Automatic Injection Molding Machine for TPU Shoe Sole

Servo Motor High Efficiency Automatic Injection Molding Machine for TPU Shoe Sole

Servo Electricity-Preserving Injection Molding Device (KWS Collection)

Overview:  Characteristic ▪ Clamp•Injection•Control•Servo motor control•CZPT Parameter•Application

» CZPT information for injection carriage could decrease the wear and tear, and make the injection management exact and secure. (Optional)
» T slot mould platen
» Apply international renowned manufacturer electric & hydraulic parts.
» The injection foundation is modularized and could pick distinct matching sort in accordance with injection volume.
» Easy the mildew opening speed curve layout, and incorporate the speed command to decrease the machine vibration.
» It has outstanding precision control with the weight mistake of completed solution is about .seven% to .four%.
» Adopted servo electricity-conserving method which could reduce the strength consumption forty%- 70%.

» CZPT (optional), mechanical and electrical triple inter-locked safety unit, mould near is not understood when open any 1 of the protection doorway.
» Low force mould defense device, shield mould from harm thanks to any foreign objects.
» Use hydraulic ejector pin to modify traverse, eject CZPT and backward force & speed, multi motion CZPT.
» Use substantial exact linear transducer to examine placement, multi-zone control mould opening stroke pace and placement, correctly positioned.
» Bolster shifting platen dress in resistance information way.
» Centralized lubrication program guarantee uniform oil source for each and every lubrication dots.

» Injection device applies double guidebook publish assistance, equip with fast and sturdy dual-cylinder balancing injection structure.
» Optimized layout screw set, achieve outstanding plasticizing result.
» Making use of large quality nitride alloy or chrome coated screw and nitride barrel.

» TFT Lcd colour display
» Utilizing substantial speed DSP processor, time handle precision reaches
» Substantial precise displacement transducer system, management precision
» Making use of fuzzy prediction technologies, temperature management precision
» Multi enter/ output interface, the interface operate can be placing as desire.
» With output programmable operate
» Assistance USB and network interface (optional)
» Parameter data lock safety, with auto conserve purpose in case incident electricity off
» Massive info storage functionality

Servo motor manage:
» Outstanding strength saving as in comparison with the conventional mounted pump injection molding equipment, it will save energy 20%-80% beneath the identical doing work issue.
» Superb injection molding security
» Fast response
» Low noise and quiet operation
» Continual oil temperature

CZPT parameter:

CZPT parameter
Merchandise  Unit      Model KW178
Injection device
Screw type / A B C
Screw diameter mm forty two 45 fifty
Shot quantity(theoritical) cmthree 312 358 442
Injection bodyweight (PS) g 284 326 402
Injection price g/s 108 one hundred twenty five 158
Injection pressure Mpa 178 155 125
Screw rotation speed  r.p.m 200
Clamping unit
Clamping drive KN 1780
Open stroke mm 435
CZPT between tie bars(W*H) mm 470*470
Max. mould peak mm 520
Min. mould height mm one hundred eighty
Ejector stroke mm one hundred thirty five
Ejector pressure KN 39
Other folks
Max. Pump strain Mpa 14
Pump motor electrical power KW 15
Heating power KW
Equipment dimension(L*W*H) m 5.05*1.forty three*two.20
Device weight  t five.six

The devices applicable industries consist of common houseware, digital products, car areas, packaging, toys and constructing factors and many others.


Servo Motor High Efficiency Automatic Injection Molding Machine for TPU Shoe Sole