Mine Explosion-Proof Reversible Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter

Mine Explosion-Proof Reversible Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter

                              Coal mine explosion proof vacuum reversible starter

Major software

The unit is used in coal mines that contains explosivegas (methane) and coal dust. It is suitable for the circuit centre. To nearby management or remote management the begin and end of AC 50Hz, voltage 1140V, 660V or 380V, ungrounded a few- phase asynchronous motor, and can be reversed at the quit.
The starter can be managed remotely, with functions this sort of as overload, section failure, leakage locking and short-circuit security. At the same time, there is a liquid crystal show in the observation window of the shell as the position screen of operation, parameters, faults, etc.

CZPT attributes

1. Rapid opening structure                                   
2. With regional manage and remote control function                                   
three. With reliable mechanical locking and electrical locking operate
Safety perform

With the numerous protection capabilities as brief circuit, overload, leakage and open up-section .

Working environment

one.It is ideal for underground coal mine with explosive gasoline

two.The altitude is not more than 2000 meters, and the ambient pressure is (.8 ~ 1.1) × 105Pa

three.Where there is no dripping or water invasion, the ambient temperature is -5ºC ~ +40ºC.

4.The relative humidity of the encompassing air is no a lot more than ninety five% (+25ºC).

five.H2o or other liquids have to be prevented from entering the delicate starter.

6.On traces Hz, AC 50 voltage of 1140 V or 660 V or 380 VGas in the bordering medium that does not hurt the metal or the insulation.

7.Air pollution degree three.

8.Set up classes: III class

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Mine Explosion-Proof Reversible Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter