Low Voltage Asynchronous Motors

Low Voltage Asynchronous Motors

Product application:  
YKK sequence LV motors are SCR motors, they are utilized to generate Blowers, Compressor, Pumps, Crusher, Inventory-removings and other general-function machinery. They can serve as the key movers in electricity crops, steel, coal mines, mechanical industries and so on subject.

Item attribute:

Body dimensions: H355~710mm

Electricity assortment: 185kW~4000kW

Poles: two~sixteen

Rated voltage: 380~1140V

Frequency: 50Hz60Hz

Insulation class: F,H

Diploma of safety: IP23

Mounting arrangemnt: IMB3,V1

Cooling technique: IC01

Kind responsibility: S1

The motor has these kinds of gain as high effectiveness, energy-preserving, low sounds, low vibration, mild weight and reputable overall performance. They are straightforward for set up and routine maintenance.

Low Voltage Asynchronous Motors