Industrial Seafood Spiral Quick Freezer with Single Drum

Industrial Seafood Spiral Quick Freezer with Single Drum


  • Spiral freezer is an vitality-conserving quick freezing equipment which is featured by compact composition, wide software, tiny footprint and huge capacity. It is a chosen freezer for foods processing organizations to freeze meat and other big, thick, substantial-temperature products.
  • Spiral freezer is composed of driving device, evaporator, insulation plate and electrical device. Driving device is made up of motor, belt, rotating tower and impartial transducer. Evaporator is made from stainless metal and aluminum fins. Changeable fin length assures wind circulation easily. Evaporate pipeline can be aluminum pipe or copper tube. Insulation plate is produced of stainless metal. CZPTal device is made up of stainless steel electric box and smart management device.
  • It is created of 304 stainless steel besides motor, blower impeller, evaporator pipe and fin, and electric powered components.
  • This equipment is completed with base plate of swift freezing device, the consumers do not need to have to make the warmth preservation fundation.


It has a wide application, is suitalbe for ice product, pastry, meat, poultry, sea meals, fried products and modest-package food items.


  • Big capacity, specifically adopting double drums.
  • Compact composition and modest footprint.
  • Extensively utilised machined factors, removing push cumulative deviation and generate inconsistency simply because of weld factors.
  • The belt is strong elongation and high dress in resistance strength. So to lengthen machine existence and increase machine stability.
  • With belt self-checking gadget, inspecting belt running status at any time.

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Industrial Seafood Spiral Quick Freezer with Single Drum