in Durgapur India sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Digger Drive Sprockets for Kato Sumitomo Sh450 Excavator Chassis manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Durgapur India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Digger Drive Sprockets for Kato Sumitomo Sh450 Excavator Chassis manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

We are aiming to meet the needs of the clients all around the planet.. Our organization pays specific consideration to customers’ requirements, listening to the certain specifications of every consumer and guaranteeing overall satisfaction. Hangzhou EPG Co.,Ltd. , was launched in November, 1997. With its 5 wholly owned subsidiaries. Kato heavy excavator EPTT400 EPTT450 EPTT700 EPTT770 EPTT820 EPTT1250 closing EPT EPT sprocket and segments components

Crawler backhoe excavator sprockets,also named last EPT sprockets,EPT sprockets,final EPT sprockets,EPT segments,
dozer Segments group,they are employed for weighty excavator and bulldozer undercarriage.

Solution Title Kato excavator undercarriage spare parts closing EPT sprocket,monitor segments
Generation StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd OEM installment measurement
EPT 50Mn/40MnB/42MnB
Complete EPT
Painting EPTT Black or yellow
Process EPT amp casting
Floor Hardness EPTC52-fifty eight, Depth:8mm-12mm
EPTT Promise 1 Yr
Certification ISO9001-9002
Delivery Time Inside 10–20 daEPTTafter EPT payment EPT
Bundle Fumigate seaworthy EPTT and Export StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd Package deal
Payment Term TT, L/C, Paypal, Western union,D/P
Organization Scope excavator and dozer undercarriage parts, G.E.T, EPT spare parts,underground have interaction resources, etc

Our ultimate EPT sprocket benefit(Why Choose our undercarriage parts)
one.Quench-tempering processes to promise legitimate mechanical houses
two. EPT hardness :EPTC52-fifty eight,deepth:8mm-12mm
three. Deep hardened use floor
four. EPT strength and exceptional dress in resistence to bending and breakage
five.Rigorous EPTT EPTT
six.Exact layout and meticulously created
seven.Certificated by ISO9001:2008
eight.Make as for every client’s samples,designs and drawings

Excavator and dozer undercarriage elements product listing

Can make Applicable EPTTS
EPTT E70B E110B E120B E307 E308 E311B E180 E240
E200B E300 E320 E322 E330 E340 E345 E350 E450
CAT215 CAT225 CAT235
D3B D3C D4C D4D D4E D5 D5H D6C D6D D6H D6R D6T D7G D7H D7R D8N D8R D8T D8L D9N D9R D10N D10T D11N
KOMATSU PC20 PC25 PC30 PC40 PC60 PC100 PC120 PC200
PC220 PC240 PC300 PC350 PC360 PC400 PC450 PC650 PC750 PC1000
D20 D21 D30 D31 D40 D41 D50 D53 D55 D60 D65 D85 D155 D275 D355 D375
HITACHI EX30 EX40 EX45 EX50 EX75 EX100 EX120 EX200 EX220 EX285 EX300 EX330 EX400 EX450 EX550 EX650
EX700 EX750 EX1100 EX1200
ZX50 ZX75 ZX200 ZX230 ZX240 ZX270 ZX300 ZX330
JCB JS120 JS130 JS200 JS205 JS220 JS330 JS360LC JS460
KOBELCO SK60 SK100 SK120 SK210 SK220 SK230 SK250 SK270
SK300 SK310 SK320 SK330 SK400 K904 K907 SK07 SK04N2 SK07N2 SK09N2
VOLVO EC140 EC210 EC240 EC290 EC360 EC380DL EC460
HEPTTDAI R60 R130 R200 R210 R220 R290 R320 R330 R450
DAEWOO DH55 DH130 DH180 DH200 DH220 DH280 DH300
DOOSAN DX140 DX180 DX220 DX225 DX235 DX255 DX300 DX340 DX380 DX420 DX480 DX520
SUMITOMO SH100 SH120 SH200 SH220 SH250 SH260 SH280 SH300
SH340 SH430 SH580 LS1200 LS1600 LS2035 LS2050
LS2650 LS2800 LS3400 LS4300 LS5800
SAMEPTTG SE130 SE210 SE280 SE350
FIAT-HITACHI FH120 FH200 FH220 FH300 FH330
LIEBHERR PR724 PR734 R901 R902 R934 R941 R942 R944 R945
R952 R954 R971 R974 R981 R982 R984
Situation CX120 CX130 CX210 CX240 CX330 CX360
NEW HOLLAND E135 E145B E165 E175 E215LC E235 E245B E265 E305LC E385LC E485
BOBCAT BOBCAT 325 BOBCAT 418 E26 E32 E35 E42

Excavator and dozer undercarriage production workshop

Caterpillar excavator and dozer sprocket and final EPT phase tooth part quantity and Berco quantity listing

EPT Segment Group/Drive Wheel
EPTT Component No. Berco NO. ITM No. Segment Element No.
D3/C, 931B, 933B 6Y2047 CR4754 S57135C0M00 9W9266
D4H 7G0841 CR4373 S57145K0M00 6Y5245
D4H-EPTT, 5M, D5N S57145L0M00 CR5601 S57145L0M00 1080946
D5, D5B, 953B 7P2636 CR4408 S57155D0M00 6Y5244
D5/ D5SA/ D5LGP/561C 5S4825/ 5S4826
D5C 8E7298 CR5412 S57155E0M00 2x 1149278 3x 6I9526
D5H, D5H-EPTT S57155L0M00 CR5513 S57155L0M00 2x 1061624 3x 1061622
D6C/D (5/eight quot H) D6D-EWL, 963 6P9102 CR3330 S57165H0M00 8P5837
D6C/D (three/four quot H) D6D-EWL, 963 1171618/6P9102 CR5476
S57165H1M00 1171616
D6H/D6H-LGP 7G7212 CR4879 S57165K0M00 6Y2931
D6R, D6H-EPTT 8E9041/7G7212 CR5515
S57165L0M00 1730945
D6M 6I8078 CR5875 S57165M0M00 6I8077
D7E/D7F/D7G/D7G-AS/ 571(A,F,G)/572(E,F,G)/977L 3P1039 CR3148 S57175G0M00V 6T4178
D7H, D7R, D8N, D8R 9W0074/6Y3928 CR4532 CR5050 S57185K1M00 7T9773/ 6Y2354
D8H/D8K/583H/ 583K/983/983B 2P9510 CR3144 S57185M0M00V 6T6782
D9G, D9H 2P9448 CR3156 S57195D0M00 6T6781
D9N, D9R 7T1246/2P9448 CR4686
S57195N0M00 7T1247/7T1246
D10N, D10R 6T9538 CR5047 S01105N0M00 1299208
320/322 8E9805
330 6Y5685
345B 124-3296
CAT943 7P6504 CR4371 S57145D0M00 7T4723
CAT953C 1222277/6Y3242 CR5975 S01535C0M00 1856152
955K, 955L 6K1430 CR3609 S57155C0N00 3x 6T7455 5x 6T7456
977K, 977L 5S0058 CR2212 S57175F0M00 3S9201
311/ 312/ 314C
4I7472/ 099-3220/ 096-1479
E120B 099-5719
E200B/ EL200B 096-4327/ E84695710
E240/EL240 095-9779
E300/ EL300/E300B 099-4129

EPT excavator and dozer sprocket and phase group element number and Berco variety record

EPT Phase Group/Drive Wheel
EPTT Group P/ No. Berco Ref ITM Ref Segment P/No
101-ninety eight-00050 101-27-00050(Rim)
113-98-22210 111-9800011 (Rim)
D30(A,S,PPL,PLL,Q)-seventeen, D31(E,S,P,Q)-eighteen 113-27-31320
D50 , D45, D53
D40(A,P,PL,PLL)-one,D50(S,P)-eleven, D50(A,S,P,PL)-fifteen,
KM788 KM788 S40505A0M00 131-27-61710
D57 KM347 KM347 S40605A0M00 a hundred thirty five-27-32220
D61PX, D61PX-12 S4061500M00 KM2874 S4061500M00 134-27-61469
D60/ D65-six, 7, eight
D60(A,P,PL)-6, D65(A,E,S)-six, D60(A,F,E,S,P,PL)-seven, D60F-
7A, D65(A,E,P,S)-eight, D65(E,P)-17
KM162 KM162 S40655E0M00 141-27-32410
D65EX-12 S40655F0M00 KM2111 S40655F0M00 14X-27-15111
D60(A,E,P)-8, D65(A,E,S,P)-8, D65(E,EX,P,PX)-12 14X-27-15112
D85, D75S KM224 KM224 S4571D0M00 154-27-12283
154-27-12273 ?
D80(A,E,P)-twelve, D80(A,E,P)-eighteen,
D85(A,E,P)-18, D85(A,E,P)-21
a hundred and fifty five-27-00151
D155 KM193 KM193 S4015500M00 one hundred seventy five-27-22324
D155AX-three, D155C
one hundred seventy five-27-22325
D355 KM341 KM341 S4035000M00 195-27-12466
PC60-one~5 201-27-11530 one hundred and one-27-00050(Rim)
PC60-six/seven/ PC75U-one 21W-27-11110
PC200-three/ PC180-three/ PC220-3/PC240-3/five 205-27-71281
PC300-1 207-27-21311
PC300-three/five 207-27-33222
PC300-6/7 207-27-61210
PC400-one 208-27-11423
PC400-3/5 208-27-31221
PC400-6/seven 208-27-61210

one.What HangEPT EPTT EPTT EPTT,Minimal source?
We primarily provide crawler excavator and dozer undercarriage areas, these kinds of as Track roller, Carrier roller, EPT, Loafer,EPTil EPT assy, Monitor EPT, Keep track of shoe, Keep track of bolt ampnut,Observe EPT guard, Excavator bucket,Bucket tooth ampadaptor, Bucket EPT,Cutting Edge and End Bits,GraEPTTblades,growth cylinder,arm cylinder,bucket cylinder,Bucket pin ampbush,EPT EPTT, EPTT get to growth and arm, and so forth.

two.How to validate the spare components will in shape our crawler excavator and dozer?
Make sure you send out us your excavator and dozer product name, element quantity, Berco amount, or specialized drawings and proportions

three.How about the building EPTTry excavator and dozer undercarriage parts EPTT EPTT?
We have an excellent QC method, the QC staff will examine every single generation approach,top quality and specification, to be certain very best high quality and appropriate size, untill offers finished and loaded into container.

4.What is the payment phrase?
TT, L/C, Paypal, Western EPT, other payment expression also can be negotiated.

  in Durgapur India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Digger Drive Sprockets for Kato Sumitomo Sh450 Excavator Chassis manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Durgapur India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Digger Drive Sprockets for Kato Sumitomo Sh450 Excavator Chassis manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler