Hypertherm CNC Plasma Cutter, Cutting Machine

Hypertherm CNC Plasma Cutter, Cutting Machine

Transient Introduction: 
1. The CNC flame chopping machine is guidebook rail fastened, gantry gate go type 
two. The flame chopping guns will minimize the flange and web of H beam 
three. Cross arm procedure accuracy is within .5mm/m 
4. Oxy and acetylene or oxy and acetonum fuel as gasoline source 
5. Xihu (West Lake) Dis. rail size is 14M*2PCS 
six. X axis Panasonic servo and pilot reducer pushed, Y axis Panasonic servo and pilot reducer driven 
7. CNC program: ZheJiang SH-2000. 

CZPT parameters: 

one horizontal track gauge 4000mm
2 successful cutting width 80-3100mm
three observe length 16000mm(CZPT,geared up by consumers)
4 the efficient chopping duration 15000mm(CZPT according to keep track of duration)
five reducing velocity 50-1000mm/min
6 swift-return speed 4000mm/min
7 CNC cutting torch one group (1 flame,one plasma)
9+one groups of Straight strip cutting (optional)
8 reducing thickness flame chopping:six-100mm
Plasma chopping:6-25mm(optional according to plasma cutting thickness)
9 chopping gas  oxygen, acetylene or propane
ten accuracy ±0.5mm
eleven the cutting area roughness: Ra12.5~twenty five
12 drive all-electronic vector AC servo motor generate
13 Plasma electrical power CUT200(optional in accordance to plasma cutting thickness)
fourteen the arc voltage to enhance Ang-Tai lifted in HangCZPT
15 the servo motor Panasonic AC Japan servo
sixteen servo drive Panasonic
17 the planetary reducer Humphrey
18 computerized gun HangCZPT longteng
19 the management contactor Schneider
twenty major factors Siemens

Main Attributes
one) Straightforward structure in linear variety, effortless in set up and maintation. 
two) Adopting superior planet renowned brand factors in pneumatic parts, electric elements and procedure parts. 
three) Higher pressure double crank to control the die opening and closing. 
four) Managing in a high automatization and intellectualization, no pollution
5) Implement a linker to connect with the air conveyor, which can straight inline with filling equipment. 

CZPT handle element:
    CZPT handle part of the CNC reducing device, CNC (the program optional), electrical, servo, three subsystems, and manufacturing unit creation manage program of CNC reducing device main elements are created of domestic and foreign effectively-identified brand name. Method used module of structure, wiring straightforward, and affordable, and specification, and upkeep practical, due to huge employed scale IC, has volume small, overall performance steady, benefits program also has fault background information, fault alarm, self diagnosis, effective to safety personnel and products of stability technique has assortment language menu (such as Chinese), can is hassle-free of for interactive, has assortment entered way, procedure flexible get together, also can and PC machine communications reached routinely programming, Thanks to computer, drastically facilitate the end users save time, make certain stable and reliable operation. 

Numerical control systems:F2300 numerical control technique
   Note: the method for the domestic method of greatest precision and slicing most of the compensation.
F2300 series CNC program is sidafeng by ZheJiang roduced, attributes outstanding, trustworthy good quality, supporting agile, ready to satisfy the functional requirements of NC flame cutting machine, with a larger value.

Design Push way Two rails’ length (mm) Efficient reducing width (mm) Cutting thickness (mm) Cutting velocity (mm/min) Max pace (mm/min) Chopping torch vertical route(mm)
Flame slicing Plasma reducing Flame reducing Plasma reducing
CNCI-2700 One aspect 2700 1800 6-200 Depending on plasma energy design, optionla a hundred-750 Dependent on plasma energy product, optional 6000 200
CNCI-3000 Solitary aspect 3000 2100 6000 two hundred
CNCI-4000 Single aspect 4000 3100 12000 two hundred
CNCII-4000 CZPT sides 4000 3100 12000 two hundred
CNCII-5000 CZPT sides 5000 4100 12000 200
CNCII-6000 CZPT sides 6000 5100 12000 200
CNCII-7000 CZPT sides 7000 6100 12000 two hundred
CNCII-8000 CZPT sides 8000 7100 12000 two hundred
CNCII-9000 CZPT sides 9000 8100 12000 two hundred

 Supply range and models:
(one) the rack Assembly : vertical big horizontal automobile, straight chopping torch guidebook rails, pipes, metal, hanger, drag chains, steel bodies
(2) slicing torch Assembly with 1 set of CNC cutting torch, chopping torch adjustment
(three)straight strip cutting 10 groups
(four) travel assembly : servo motor, high precision gear packing containers, cellular gear, equipment, and so on
(five) electronic management technique : CNC, CNC box, keyboard, electric handle box
(six) cable assembly involves: CUT160 Plasma slicing ,arc voltage higher
(seven) the Assembly of the fuel source : whole air offer hose and thread blocks
(8) spare elements :
Chopping nozzle -one# total 2*11(22)
X axis&Y-axis travel equipment *one
Temper-proof device 5
Thrust button switch 5 only
DC-24V Relay 2 only
4A Molten core- three

Customers make self-contained elements :
(one) the thread frame, rail foundation (supplier’s drawings).
(2) Foundation (drawings).
(3) the anchor bolt (or bolts).
(four) the rail assembly :sixteenmx2  (24kg/m,size in accordance to true require) Rails, rack, plate and adjust the pad and so on


Hypertherm CNC Plasma Cutter, Cutting Machine