AC Electric Motor and Three Phases Asynchronous AC Motor

AC Electric Motor and Three Phases Asynchronous AC Motor

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Y series large voltage 3-phase asynchronous motor
This collection motor shell protection score is IP44 and IP54, cooling approach is IC611, set up approach is IMB3, we can also created the suitable sort of defense, cooling approaches and set up strategy according to your prerequisite. Rated voltage of motor is 6000V, rated frequency of 10000V motor is 50HZ.

This collection motor can be developed humid tropics kind, dry tropical sort, outside kind and medium anti-corrosion variety.

IL principio di un Motore elettrico


Tipo Motore monofase for each la capacità di spiegare: Motore monofase Owing avvolgimenti, cioè a partire da estrazione e dell’operazione di estrazione.Nello Spazio di Thanks avvolgimenti è di ninety Gradi.A inizio di estrazione di CZPT capacità in Serie con un condensatore, Quando l’operazione di estrazione e La liquidazione di Corrente alternata monofase Quando attraverso la funzione, poiché il condensatore di consentire l’avvio di Thanks correnti di funzionamento in Tempo for each l’estrazione in Anticipo rispetto all’angolo di ninety Gradi, prima di raggiungere un valore Massimo.Lo Spazio e il Tempo In forma di Owing identiche impulso magnetico, il divario tra statore e rotore Genera un Campo magnetico di rotazione, in presenza di un Campo magnetico rotante, il rotore del Motore elettrico Genera un indotto di Corrente Elettrica, La rotazione di Campo magnetico interagiscono tra di loro e la coppia di rotazione Genera un Campo Elettromagnetico, in modo che il Motore.
Main Software AC motors have higher effectiveness, no smoke, no scent, no pollution to the environment, and less sound. Due to the fact of its sequence of advantages, it is commonly utilised in industrial and agricultural generation, transportation, national defense, commercial and family appliances, health-related and electrical equipment and other fields.

Subsequent is vertical hollow shaft vhs motor

No. Design HP Pace Design match
1 OHS160-1-four seven.5 1760 VHS215-4-07.5S
two OHS160-two-four ten 1750 VHS215-four-571S
3 OHS180-1-four 15 1760 VHS254TP-4-015S
four OHS180-two-4 20 1760 VHS256TP-4-571S
5 OHS180-three-4 25 1760 VHS284TP-4-571S
six OHS180-4-4 30 1755 VHS286TP-4-030S
seven OHS200-one-4 forty 1775 VHS324TP-4-040S
eight OHS200-2-4 50 1770 VHS326TP-four-050S
nine OHS225-one-4 sixty 1775 VHS364TP-4-060S
10 OHS225-two-4 75 1775 VHS365TP-four-075S
eleven OHS250-two-4 one hundred 1765 VHS404TP-four-100S
twelve OHS250-3-4 a hundred twenty five 1775 VHS405TP-four-125S
thirteen OHS280-one-four a hundred and fifty 1780 VHS444TP-4-150S
14 OHS280-two-4 one hundred seventy five 1780 VHS444TP-4-175S
15 OHS280-two-four 200 1780 VHS445TP-4-200S
sixteen OHS280-3-4 250 1800 VHS445TP-4-250S
17 OHS280-4-4 300 1800 VHS447TP-four-300S
18 OHS315-3-three three hundred 1800 VHS5006TP-4-300S
19 OHS315-four-four 350 1800 VHS5006TP-4-350S
20   400 1800 VHS5008TP-four-400S
21   450 1800 VHS5008TP-4-450S
22   five hundred 1800 VHS5008TP-4-500S


AC Electric Motor and Three Phases Asynchronous AC Motor