60W 90mm AC Induction Gear Motor

60W 90mm AC Induction Gear Motor

60mm~104mm&comma 6W~180W AC Induction Motor


CZPTly&comma Micro Induction Motor refers to the motor rotated by the induction&period Induction Motor depends on capacitor and electromagnetism when commencing and rotating&period Though its beginning torque is not very substantial&comma it has a basic composition&comma high effectiveness and can rotate keep on&period of time

Technical specs

one&time period Dimensions of system&colon 90mm
two&interval Rated Energy&colon 60W
three&period Voltage&colon a hundred&sol120&sol220&sol230V
four&interval CCC&comma CE&comma UL&comma CU
five&period Can be CZPT


Model Output energy
CZPTting Torque
Rated Torque
Rated Velocity
Lead Wire Kind Terminal Box Kind
GS5IK60GN-AF GS5IK60GN-AFT 60 1ph100 fifty 1 320 470 1250 20
sixty one&period1 380 1550
GS5IK60GN-EF GS5IK60GN-EFT 60 1ph110 sixty &period8 300 380 1550 twelve
1ph120 &period85
GS5IK60GN-CF GS5IK60GN-CFT 60 1ph220 50 &period5 340 470 1250 four
1ph230 &period55
GS5IK60GN-HF GS5IK60GN-HFT 60 1ph220 sixty &period5 340 380 1550
1ph230 &period55
GS5IK60GN-SF GS5IK60GN-SFT 60 3ph220 fifty &period45 1000 470 1250 &lowbar 
60 &period4 800 380 1550

 Allowance Torque Device&colon Upside &lparN&periodm&rpar&sol Belowside &lparkgf&periodcm&rpar

Type Motor&solGearhead Gear Ratio three three&period6 5 six seven&period5 nine twelve&period5 15 eighteen twenty five thirty 36 fifty 60 75 90 a hundred a hundred and twenty a hundred and fifty a hundred and eighty 200
Speed      r&solmin 50Hz 500 417 300 250 two hundred 166 one hundred twenty one hundred 83 sixty 50 41 thirty 25 twenty sixteen fifteen thirteen ten eight&period3 7&period5
60Hz 600 five hundred 360 300 240 200 a hundred and forty four one hundred twenty one hundred seventy two sixty 50 36 30 24 20 eighteen fifteen 12 ten 9
5GNK 50Hz one&period1 1&period4 one&period9 two&period3 two&period9 3&period4 four&period8 five&period7 6&period8 eight&period6 ten 10 10 10 ten 10 10 ten 10 ten 10
11 fourteen 19&period3 23&period4 29&period6 34&period7 forty eight&period9 fifty eight&period1 69&period3 87&period7 one hundred one hundred a hundred one hundred one hundred one hundred a hundred 100 100 one hundred 100
60Hz &period9 1&period1 one&period5 1&period8 2&period3 2&period8 three&period8 four&period6 5&period5 6&period9 8&period3 ten ten 10 ten 10 10 ten ten 10 10
nine&period4 eleven fifteen&period3 18&period3 23&period4 28&period5 38&period7 46&period9 fifty six&period1 70&period1 eighty four&period7 100 a hundred a hundred one hundred a hundred one hundred a hundred one hundred one hundred one hundred

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60W 90mm AC Induction Gear Motor