30HP 50HP 75HP 100HP 160HP 110kw YB2 YB3 Water Proof Explosion proof Three Phase Electric Motor Flame proof motors

30HP 50HP 75HP 100HP 160HP 110kw YB2 YB3 Water Proof Explosion proof Three Phase Electric Motor Flame proof motors

YB2,YB3 series three phase ac coal mine explosion evidence electric motor

IEC80-355 ATEX certificate 
Exd1 and Exd11BT4 
rated voltage: 380, 660V 

Explosion Evidence Motor, Induction Motor, CZPT Motor, YBD2,YB2,YB3 Flame proof Motor YBVP2,YBF2 Motor.

YB2 YB3 explosion evidence motors are created and produced into explosion evidence variety and the explosion proof residence conforms to China Nationwide CZPTs: 
GB3836.one-2000 CZPTal Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres-CZPT Demands. 
GB3836.2-2000 CZPTal Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres- Explosion evidence Enclosure d and expectations IEC79-1, BS4683 and EN50018.
ExdI- risk-free for use in the non-mining surfaces of underground coal mines where the explosive mixtures of methane or coal-dust are existing. 
ExdIIAT4 – risk-free for use in plants exactly where the explosive mixtures of IIA Course, TI, T2, T3 or T4 are existing. 
ExdIIBT4 – safe for use in crops in which the explosive mixtures of IIB Class, TI, T2, T3 or T4 are existing. 
ExdIICT4 – risk-free for use in vegetation exactly where the explosive mixtures of IIC Course, TI, T2, T3 or T4 are current.

1.Ambinent tempertuer must not be a lot more than 40
two.The elevation must not be exceed one thousand meters.
three.The relative humindity need to not be much more than 90%.
four.Rated Frequency:50Hz
5.Rated voltage: 380V, 660V, 380V/660V
6.Procedure mode is S1
seven.Security degree: IP55, Insulation course: F

There are E x d I and ExdIIBT4 sort in YB2 ranges of  3-period asynchronous explosion proof motor according to the necessity of the application. The performance of the safety of the goods is confirming to the common of GB3836.one-2000<> and GB3836.2-2000<>,This ranges of goods are suitable for the non-mining working location in underground mine or where there are the explosive gasoline combination in factories.


YB3 collection flameproof three-section asynchronous motors are latest merchandise created by our organization combining with property and abroad electromagnetic composition, method and substance and so forth dependent on YB and YB2 series of motors. This sequence of motors have several deserves,this kind of as high-performance, vitality conservation, big margin of temperature rise, extended service existence, exceptional efficiency, reduced sounds, innovative explosion-proof construction, high dependability and practical operation and servicing and so on. The efficiency index of this sequence motors conforms to the energy performance grades 2 of specified in GB186~13 0571 88828 13858117778-2006 Minimal allowable values of energy effectiveness and the power effectiveness grades for little and medium three-section asynchronous motors. Electrical power course and the set up proportions accord with IEC normal , also completely are as exact same as YB and YB2 series a few-period induction motors.

YB3 series of motors fulfill GB755-2008 “Rotating electrical devices-Score and efficiency”, business expectations of Q/325716JLAB01-2009 ” CZPT specification of YB3 series of flameproof three-section induction motor (Frame Number: H63~355)”. Their flameproof overall performance need to meet GB3836.one-2571Explosive atmospheresPart1: Apparatus CZPT requirements and GB3836.two-2571 Explosive atmospheres, Part2: Equipment secured by the crust for flameproof “d” . The flameproof kinds of this collection motors are ExdI, ExdIIAT4 and ExdIIBT4,and ideal for the non-mining working location in underground mine or the dangerous spots in factories exactly where there are the explosive fuel of class IIA and IIB and temperature of course T1~T4. YB3 sequence motors have the adhering to varieties: humid tropics type (YB3-TH), dry tropics variety (YB3-TA), outdoor sort (YB3-W), outside medium-anticorrosion variety (YB3-WF1) and out of doors humid variety (YB3-THW),outside dry tropics sort (YB3-TAW), indoor tropics kind (YB3-T),outdoor tropics variety (YB3-TW

Work conditions


Temperature and Insulation

The Maters’ insulation method are created by Course F(155ºC), operated with Class B(80K). Which incerase the motor useful lifestyle and dependability.

Cooling and air flow

The standard cooling technique is completely Enclosed Enthusiast Cooled (TEFC) it accordance with IC411 of IEC60034-6. CZPT motors are outfitted with radialflow plastic supporters

Defense course

The standard degrees of defense is IP55. The IP55 enclosure signifies total hoseproof and dustproof protection .A greater degrees of protection is CZPT

Motor safety

Motors can be mounted with PTC, PT100, these kinds of as winding and bearing temperature measurement as well as other kinds of security on ask for.

Voltage and frequency

CZPT voltage and frequency are 380V 50HZ, and can be wound for any solitary voltage it the range two hundred-660V at a frequency 50hz. The motors will run satisfactorily with variants of ±5% from the rated voltage.


YB2 motors are made to vibration course A, vibration class B is CZPT on request.

Terminal box area

Terminal box at the top  of motor frame 

Good quality assurance

Stringent good quality procedures are noticed from first style to finished products in accordance with CZPT documented good quality program.

 Motor operating program

This YB2 series of motors operating program for S1 constant responsibility.

 Production processing:


  • Substantial starting up torque Low sounds and flameproof motors
  • Electrical power range:.seventy five-315kw
  • Frame variety:80H-355H
  • Service element:one.
  • Rated Volt:380v,400v,415v,440v,575v,660v,690v.
  • Pace range:2p/3000rpm,4p/1500rpm, 6p/1000rpm,8p/750rpm
  • CZPT and Frame housing:TEFC. Cast iron,Aluminum,explosion evidence motors
  • IEC132 Body and greater body motors suited CZPT/Delta starting
  • Junction box outfitted with powerful glands
  • Motors offered with CE mark
  • Safety class:IP55
  • Thermal protector:Of course
  • Ambient Temperature:-15°C~40°C
  • Altitude:Not exceed 1000m
  • Frequency ragen:50Hz,60Hz
  • Insulation class: F,  
  • Temprature riseB
  • Responsibility S1
  • Wire link: CZPT type for motors up to 3Kw Delta sort for motors 4Kw and over.
  • CZPTs:Ball bearings for DE&NDE(Push stop&Non-drive finish)
  • Mount variety:B3(feet mount), B5(Huge flange mount),B35(Flange&ft mount), 

Pre-revenue service: 
•We are a income group, with all complex support from engineer team.
•We benefit every inquiry sent to us, guarantee swift competitive provide inside 24 hours.
•We cooperate with client to layout and build the new goods. Give all essential document.

Following revenue support:
•We respect your feed back following get the motors.
•We give 1-2 years warranty following receipt of motors..
•We guarantee all spare parts CZPT in lifetime use.
•We loge your complain within 24 several hours.


30HP 50HP 75HP 100HP 160HP 110kw YB2 YB3 Water Proof Explosion proof Three Phase Electric Motor Flame proof motors