3 Ton Smart Seated Electric Tow Tractor

3 Ton Smart Seated Electric Tow Tractor

Item Data


Secure & Tough

  1. The software of hand brake and hydraulic brake improve the safety stage.
  2. Stepless pace handle
  3. Outfitted with adjustable steering wheel, adapted to diverse operators.
  4. Advanced link program, oriented and set bracket.

Handy & Manipulation

  1. Lower noise
  2. CANbus engineering lowers wiring complexity and increase trustworthiness.
  3. Multi-purpose display: battery status, hour meter, error code and many others
  4. Simple-open back protect to open for servicing and alternative of areas
  5. These kinds of as travel wheel, oil tube, accelerator, controller etc

Innovative Layout

  1. “H” kind axle layout provides a great stability
  2. Battery situated in the lowest part of frame, reduced middle of gravity ensures exceptional balance.
  3. Computerized reset tends to make operation less complicated. 

CZPT Parameters

Drive type Battery
 Operator kind Seated
Rated traction fat (60 minutes rated) kg 3000
Rated drawbar pull(60 minutes) N/kg 750/seventy five
Max. drawbar pull(5 minutes) N/kg 3000/300
Drawbar centre height h1/h2(mm) 280/350
Excess weight Kg 980
Axle loading, front Kg 350
Axle loading, rear kg 630
Tire amount, front/rear, X=Driving wheels / 1/2X
Tire measurement, entrance Solid rubber fifteen*4 ½-8
Tire size, rear Reliable rubber 15*4 ½-eight
Wheelbase L1(mm) 1170
Backward overhang L2(mm) 350
Tread, entrance W2(mm) /
Tread, rear W1(mm) 860
Seat peak h3(mm) 850
General size L(mm) 1720
Total width W(mm) 970
Overall top h(mm) 1250
Method angle α1 ° ≥45°
Departure angleα2 ° ≥40°
Min. floor top X(mm) ninety
Min. turning radius Wa(mm) 1515
Overall performance    
Vacation velocity, loaded Km/h 7
Travel speed, unloaded Km/h 13
Max. gradeability, loaded % 6
Max. gradeability, unloaded % fifteen
Brake   Mechanical/hydraulic
Driving motor power kw 3
Steering motor electricity kw /
Voltage V forty eight
Ability Ah 270
Battery weight kg four hundred
Journey manage Microcomputer mosfet
Typical sound Db(A) 68
Traction bolt Traction bolt


3 Ton Smart Seated Electric Tow Tractor