1.5kw 2pole Single Phase Dual Capacitor Induction Motor

1.5kw 2pole Single Phase Dual Capacitor Induction Motor

ML Collection Single-Stage Dyadic Capacitance Induction Motors

ML collection aluminum housing one-section dual-capacitor asynchronous motors, with latest style in entirety, are produced of selected top quality supplies and conforming to the IEC regular. ML motors have good overall performance, safety and reputable operation, good appearance and can be preserved really conveniently, although with lower noises, little vibration and at the identical time of lightweight and straightforward development. The composite functionality is good, and the numerous of starting up torque is one.eight~2.5.

ML sequence Attributes:
Frame Dimensions: H80mm~H132mm
Electricity: .fifty five~five.5KW
Synchronous Speed: 3000, 1500rpm
Voltage: 220/240V
Frequency: 50HZ, 60HZ
Safety Class: IP44, IP54, IP55
Insulation Class B F
Ambi. Temperature -20~+forty °C
Altitude Earlier mentioned Sea Level: ≤1000M


Kind Electricity VOLTAGE FREQUENCY Recent Pace EFF Electrical power Aspect Ts/Tn
ML801-2 .75 220 50 four.9 2800 73 .95 one.8
ML802-2 1.one 220 50 7 2800 75 .95 one.8
ML801-four .fifty five 220 50 three.9 1400 sixty nine .92 1.7
ML802-4 .75 220 fifty five 1400 seventy one .95 one.7
ML90S-2 1.five 220 50 9.1 2800 seventy six .98 one.8
ML90L-2 2.two 220 fifty thirteen.2 2800 seventy seven .ninety eight one.seven
ML90S-4 1.one 220 fifty 7.2 1400 73 .ninety five one.seven
ML90L-four 1.five 220 fifty 9.six 1400 seventy five .95 1.seven
ML100L-two 3 220 50 eighteen.one 2800 seventy nine .ninety five 1.seven
ML100L1-4 2.two 220 fifty thirteen.eighty five 1400 seventy six .95 1.seven
ML100L2-four three 220 fifty 18.6 1400 77 .ninety five 1.seven
ML112M-two three.seven 220 50 22.one 2800 80 .ninety five one.7
ML112M-4 three.seven 220 50 22.four 1400 seventy nine .95 1.seven
ML132S-two five.five 220 fifty 32.5 2800 81 .ninety five one.seven
ML132S-four 5.5 220 50 32.9 1400 eighty .95 one.seven

    Power under 3KW selects CZPT connection Electricity up 3KW selects Delta link


    Frame NO. eighty–132  :Package by carton box and then packed by picket box

    Frame NO.one hundred sixty and earlier mentioned: 1 wooden box for each set

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1.5kw 2pole Single Phase Dual Capacitor Induction Motor